Many individuals want to have a relationship with an individual of their choice. However, while this emotion called love offers the extreme ecstasy level to a few it also comes along with no guarantees. Many individuals believe in reconciling with fate and moving on with what is destined while others are adamant about carving a future of their own. However, as a solution to such a problem there are many free love spells available both offline and online.

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Many of these free love spells are aimed at solving varied problems bring about different outcomes, they are simple however and easy if you are looking at attracting an individual. You can also cast these spells without any individual in mind.

If you are unsure if you will be accepted by another, you can cut an apple into two halves and offer one-half to the person you love. If the person accepts this then your love is accepted.

To make sure a particular relationship is long lasting you should fill one glass with water, offer a sip to your lover and take one sip yourself; you should then break this glass. The pieces from breaking the glass should be properly buried in a backyard. You could even adorn yourself with copper jewellery, this is said to spark an individual’s love life. You could also offer seven strawberries along with ice cream; this spell is considered to keep a lover from straying.

Many of these love spells available free are easy and also simply to follow without many rituals. However, they are also silly things that people sometimes do when they are crazy about a person. These spells are often used as boosters and also provide respite to the troubles of a particular lover. However, those spells, which are, elaborate and require complication you should use them only after consulting an expert and gaining his advice.