How do Santeria love spells work?  In fact, Santeria yields many love spells that not only work but work quickly to achieve the kind of love you’ve been looking for.  They work, in fact, on many levels.  They increase the opportunity to find love and they increase the availability of a lover and the viability of that love so it lasts long and is strong.  Santeria rituals provide a powerful charm that allows you to have enduring relationships and successful love experiences.

The first step in Santeria love spells is to increase the opportunity for love.  In other words, if the person you want to love you is a busy person, the spells can alter the location, scheduling or personality of the lover so you have an opportunity to make time for your potential lover.  The first step Santeria opens the doorway to love, clearing a path for the rest of the true spells.

When love’s doorway is open, there are many things that need to happen.  The other person needs to feel the true strength of love and attraction to you.  The person needs to feel differently when they are in contact or nearby you.  The person feels a natural attraction to you and cannot get you out of their mind.  The person will begin to fall in love with you as soon as the spells are cast.

Other changes can happen as well.  You will begin to feel more confident around your potential lover and will be more alluring.  You can let the relationship develop in a natural way without fearing that the lover will reject you or refuse to fall in love with you. 
Santeria love spells depend on Orishas that aid you in making sure the new attachment is strong and powerful.  A deep and binding love will occur that will last as long as you want it to last.  It isn’t uncommon to have a marriage result from one of the spells.

Santeria magic spells can do different things.  You can bring back a lost love or you can ensure that a spouse is faithful to you using Santeria love spells.  The results can be dramatic and you can find a second honeymoon out of the love spell.  Your lover will soon be as attentive or as affectionate as ever and you will have a happy home. 

The practitioner of Santeria invokes the power of the Orishas in order to have the best luck and success with the spells.  The most long lasting effects are had when several Orishas are called upon in doing the spell.  There are sacrifices, known as Ebo, which must be done just right in order to have each spell work perfectly.  Having these two things happen means that the spell will be as strong and powerful as it possibly can be.  You can expect a tangible result that takes days to weeks to have happen.